Latex Seal Envelopes

Latex Seal Envelopes offer two great advantages. First, they require no moisture - they don't need to be licked! Second, they create a quick, strong and long-lasting seal. This pressure sensitive adhesive adheres promptly and closes reliably. The adhesive used in Latex Envelopes contributes greatly to security and confidentiality of the contents. Latex seal can be designed so that the envelopes create a tamper-evident delivery mechanism.

In addition to creating a secure delivery piece, Latex Seal Envelopes can also incorporate dramatic designs and colors. They can also be manufactured to allow quick opening, which can be utilized to grab the attention of the recipient.

Latex Seal can be applied to many types of paper stocks. They can be crafted into many diverse shapes and sizes. Quality Envelope can ship Latex Seal Envelopes cost effectively throughout the entire Southeastern United States.

We will assist you in providing layouts to produce a high quality, high impact direct mail piece with minimal waste. As the leader in envelope converting we can also apply this seal to the envelopes we convert for you from your preprinted furnished paper.

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